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NO Guarantor loans are easier to obtain with minimum fuss. Just apply for these loans through a loan matching service like ours, and you can get approved for a loan within few hours. We have simplified the loan approval process by helping you reach out to multiple lenders in one go. Now you don’t need to visit multiple lenders’ websites, fill their lengthy application forms, wait for their call to provide even more details and stack of documents. Just fill the 5 minute application form on our website and we take you through a simple procedure of arranging no guarantor loans.

If your details match with the eligibility requirements of our affiliated lenders, you will be surprised to receive quick responses through phone/email. You would be offered no obligation quotations by every lender who approves your application. But, in case any lender finds you not eligible for proposing no guarantor loans, they might offer you a 1 month payday loan instead, depending on your financial situation. 

What are No Guarantor Loans?

These are simply the personal loans that do not require the applicant to present a guarantor in order to get approval. So, these are easier to obtain. You would not need to discuss your financial troubles with your friends and relatives to convince them to support you in borrowing cash. Now you can get a loan without their support.

In case, your no guarantor loan is not approved the lender might offer you an alternative option of 1 month payday loan to cover your urgent expenses. If you accept this option, you would have to return the loan amount in a lump sum within 2-4 weeks. But if you are approved for a no guarantor loan, the repayment terms may or may not be same as a payday loans. If suitable, you can ask the lender for a flexible repayment method for a longer period of time, and the lender would customize the offer for you.

Planning your No Guarantor Loan

With strict financing laws enforced by the government, most lenders now follow responsible lending policies. Unlike old times, when lenders focused more on earning through loan defaults, now almost all lenders follow industry regulations and offer a proposal only when the borrower can afford a repayment. But the same is expected of the borrowers as well, since falling into debt burden harms the individual only and not the government or the lenders. So while planning your no guarantor loan make sure that:

. You do not borrow more money that you can actually afford to pay back on time
. You do not have multiple loan accounts running at the same time
. You keep the loan agreement documents safe for future reference
. You get credit counseling if finding difficulty in managing his debt

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